Investing in Cryptos in Foreign Exchanges

Investing in Cryptos in Foreign Exchanges

It is not possible to say whether in the future an exchange will finally surpass security and decentralization. Likewise, governments, banks or technology giants themselves can create semi-centralized alternatives that satisfy most users.

The greater the number of confirmations from miners, the more secure the transaction becomes. Therefore, depending on the amount in question, you should wait up to two hours, however, for most cases two confirmations are sufficient.

Regardless of your financial objective, the strategy depends more on the ability to survive shocks and eventual losses, than hitting a single asset.

It is tempting for a conservative investor to invest in cryptos. Therefore, adding a small share of riskier assets improves returns and reduces portfolio volatility in periods of uncertainty.

In a simplified way, the idea is to evaluate recent negotiations to determine possible scenarios that could follow.

Are Foreign Exchanges Safe?

It is important to emphasize that during the entire public consultation carried out by the Internal Revenue Service, we here at the Bitcoin Market participated actively to make sure that the rules would not make the market unfeasible and, on the contrary, allowed its growth.

First, if the exchange uses a tax haven domicile, this poses serious risks in the event of any disputes. This way, any action or resource moved tends to take much longer, and the chances of an asset lock are infinitely smaller.

Obligations to Declare Crypto Active Movements

Several obligations were created to declare crypto active movements, regardless of the country where the registration is located.

The exchanges were then required to report monthly all transactions carried out by its customers, such as purchase, sale, exchange and customer transactions.

In summary, using the Bitcoin Marketplace as a partner, this registration is for us. The same cannot be guaranteed by foreign entities, even if they have a local representation.

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