Funky Fox – Turn Your NFTs into 3D Models

Funky Fox – Turn Your NFTs into 3D Models

What if you could create 3D models of your NFTs? Funky Fox is a new project that aims to allow users to convert their NFTs into 3D models, which can later be uploaded to the metaverse. You can gain access to additional giveaways and information on their whitelist by joining their discord channel.

The public sale will take place on February 15th. After their first few days on Instagram, they gained more than 1,500 followers.

Funky Fox NFT Holders

For Funky Fox NFT holders, the roadmap is filled with giveaways for sporting events, concerts, and parties. Funky Fox is currently in the early stages of development, with the main goal being to create a technology that will allow users to convert their NFTs into 3D models.

The functionality should be added gradually over time as new features are developed by its developer team. This will create an unprecedented level of interaction between the NFT and its owner.  Funky Fox will be using a unique system to upload NFTs to the metaverse.

Introducing New Users to the World of NFTs

Funky Fox’s goal is to grow the NFT market by introducing new users to the world of NFTs and by creating an ecosystem where users can treat their NFTs differently. It also aims to introduce new features that will further improve the user experience and make using metaverse and NFTs more fun.

The project will not be stopping at just one thing, but it will also aim to create an all-inclusive ecosystem that will enable a wide range of functions, including easy conversion of NFTs into 3D models.

They are a team of developers and crypto experts who are passionate about building the most innovative and exciting NFT projects. Their goal is to make NFTs and metaverse more fun, more interactive, and more accessible for everyone.

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