Cryptocurrencies Can Strengthen Your Wallet

Cryptocurrencies Can Strengthen Your Wallet

Jokes aside, cryptoactives are gaining more and more space in the financial market.

Big names in the market have expressed their opinion on this class of assets, including already declaring investment in some cases:

Paul Tudor Jones II, founding partner and manager of the billion-dollar Tudor Investment Corporation fund, said in an interview with CNBC that Bitcoin has great similarities to a technology company.

For him, as well as investing in Apple, or even Google, there are very smart people working for Bitcoin to become a way of being a store of value, and this makes him increasingly optimistic about the investment.

Bitcoin Utilization in Storing Value

In the same vein, the US investor and former president of Duquesne Capital Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller also gave an interview saying he believes that Bitcoin can become a great way to store value.

He was one of the right-hand men of one of history’s most important investors, George Soros, which is why his opinion on the matter resonated so much.

And even leaving the field of investors a little, the Paypal digital Payments Company will authorize its customers to make purchases, sales and even have cryptoactives in their portfolio. 

For this market, the adhesion of relevant names such as these is fundamental, in addition to the “quality stamp” that the reputation of these names brings; we have an important factor, which is their financial presence in this market.

Investment Stimulating Market Growth and Trade Flow

The more investors trade these assets, the more this market grows in size and trade flow, which improves the ease of entry and exit for investors. Oh, not to say that one of the “closed doors” of this market is volatility, that is, how much prices move and scare new investors.

This is largely because cryptoactives have a low correlation with other more traditional assets – and in the case of bitcoin specifically, the “scarcity” factor counts for a lot. But can we consider cryptocurrencies a protection in our investment portfolios?

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